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“English meeting” takes place on Fridays 19:00 Riga, Anglikāņu st. 2, ST.Saviour; Stephan +371 26533374, Zane +371 20150722, aarigaenglish@gmail.com

Riga “YPAA group” holds meetings in Latvian and in English. Meetings take place on Saturdays at 6 PM. Address: Klostera iela 4, Riga. Rolands +371 29487453, latypaa@gmail.com

Other meetings in Latvia (in Latvian and Russian) you can find here

Latvian AA – 30 years
We invite you to take part celebrating!

Programme (ico_pdf 1 MB)

We invite you to take part in the Latvian AA summer camp for families and friends “The way to self-acceptance” August 01, 2018 – August 05, 2018

Programme of Latvian AA summer camp (ico_pdf 4 MB)